This blog  will explore the day-to-day issues of our existence as human beings. It will also examine the pedestrian and mundane issues of living: relationships, behavioural traits, the world of work, parenting, finance and all other things that we cope with in our day to day existence. The propelling force of the blog will be derived from personal anecdotes, books read, media consumed, music listened to, quotations seen and snippets of discussions gleaned. The blog will at times be irreverent, satirical, or deeply serious but the intention will be to make us take another look or think of alternative ways to the way we live our lives.

The blog is meant to be a take on looking at us as human beings in a finer and more intimate manner. So, it will be a combination of objective and subjective insights. Is this achievable? Why don’t you take the journey with us and find out. Welcome to this day-to-day music and wishing you happy listening.