did YOU just appear here?

create time to listen to yourself and your God To evolve a positive self-concept, the individual needs to realize his position in the scheme of things and understand himself. In order to understand any object or person, there is the need to study the object or person. In order for man to understand himself there … Continue reading did YOU just appear here?


overcoming listening inhibitors?

Listening is an important aspect of human life. Our ability to listen or not listen affects all aspects of how we live or exist. As previous posts on this topic have shown listening is a process and there are many factors and barriers that affect our being effective listeners. HOW DO WE OVERCOME THESE BARRIERS … Continue reading overcoming listening inhibitors?

what hinders your listening?

When you listen, there are many things that can hinder or inhibit your listening ability. These barriers hinder your effective listening skill. WHAT ARE THOSE BARRIERS? barriers of listening In being able to listen effectively, some barriers can pose problems for the individual listener. They include the following: - Physical Auditory impairment Psychological – emotional … Continue reading what hinders your listening?

what affects your listening?

When  we listen, so many factors affect how we listen and what we hear. Listening takes prominence in our communication skills because without listening we cannot speak well or even understand what others are telling us. There are many things that may make us become ineffective listener. WHAT ARE THEY? Factors That Affects Listening The … Continue reading what affects your listening?

what’s your listening style?

The way you listen and what you listen for matters when listening. As a passive communication skill, you are the only person who can measure if YOU are really listening.There are various types of listening and a knowledge of the various types will help you greatly as you continue on your life's journey. Listening will … Continue reading what’s your listening style?

will you just LISTEN?

Your life journey is a lonely one some times but most times you have to walk along with someone. A lonely life journey is not fruitful because we are not created to be loners and hermits. As you walk along your life path or road, you need to learn how to listen. Listening is an … Continue reading will you just LISTEN?