are YOU within or without?

“You will never be happy if you continue to search for what happiness consists of. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life.” ― Albert Camus “For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness.” ― Ralph Waldo Emerson “Folks are usually about as happy as they … Continue reading are YOU within or without?


are YOU balanced?

Balancing Your Relationship After developing your listening skills and becoming efficient in how YOU listen to others, you will begin to have relationships with others. Your life journey depends greatly on how these relationships turn out. Are YOU dominating the relationships or are YOU being dominated? Your answer to this last question will determine the … Continue reading are YOU balanced?

the path of self making.

talking to SELF. INTRAPERSONAL communication takes place within the mind of an individual. It is a time of packaging and arranging of ideas, thoughts, concepts, feelings and emotions before  communication. This type of communication precedes the expression of communication itself. The individual plans his ideas and reflects on them before packaging them in his mind. … Continue reading the path of self making.

making something of YOURSELF?

"The longest journey is the journey inward" -Dag  Hammarskjold How do we develop our self and our self-esteem? To answer this question, we need to first understand what makes up self. A person’s self consist of his physical body (The house in which he resides), his mind (The engines that moves the house) and his … Continue reading making something of YOURSELF?

accepting who YOU are.

ACCEPTANCE. So many issues are tied to this simple word. So many events, crimes and actions are also generated by this word. Think of tears, smiles, encouragement,happiness and even suicide. To be accepted in the family, among friends, peers , association , group or even place of work is usually a strong motive for human … Continue reading accepting who YOU are.


how do you walk?  “What flaw could you possibly find in his appearance?" "His posture," Hannah muttered. "What about it?" "He slouches." -Lisa Kleypas, A Wallflower Christmas “Our nonverbal behaviour (including posture) gives away our inner personality and reflects our inner attitude.” ― Cindy Ann Peterson, My Style, My Way: Top Experts Reveal How to … Continue reading walking.