overcoming listening inhibitors?

Listening is an important aspect of human life. Our ability to listen or not listen affects all aspects of how we live or exist. As previous posts on this topic have shown listening is a process and there are many factors and barriers that affect our being effective listeners. HOW DO WE OVERCOME THESE BARRIERS … Continue reading overcoming listening inhibitors?


packing a box for YOUR life journey.

JOURNEY. We make them everyday. It is part of our life but only the most courageous who will embark on any journey without preparation. Same with life journey. You need to prepare or you will fail since those who fail to plan, do plan to fail. Now that YOU have been able to think through … Continue reading packing a box for YOUR life journey.

making something of YOURSELF?

"The longest journey is the journey inward" -Dag  Hammarskjold How do we develop our self and our self-esteem? To answer this question, we need to first understand what makes up self. A person’s self consist of his physical body (The house in which he resides), his mind (The engines that moves the house) and his … Continue reading making something of YOURSELF?

living in the PAST?

THE PAST. Are YOU comfortably ensconced in the past? Is your room and belongings neatly stacked in the past? Or are you in the present? The now generation, without care for future or a concern for the past? Are you the FUTURIST with your head in the air and your feet above the ground? When … Continue reading living in the PAST?