eternal thoughts

eternal thoughts constipate me not with ideas they are shallow. truncate me not with concepts they are transient. suffocate me not with isms, they are fleeting. bury me not with examples, they are ephemeral. deceive me not with actions, they are evanescent. trouble me not with beliefs, they are temporal. deafen me not with definitions, … Continue reading eternal thoughts


living in the PAST?

THE PAST. Are YOU comfortably ensconced in the past? Is your room and belongings neatly stacked in the past? Or are you in the present? The now generation, without care for future or a concern for the past? Are you the FUTURIST with your head in the air and your feet above the ground? When … Continue reading living in the PAST?

your time.

How do you perceive time? Does have anything to do with your personality? Let's take a journey down how individuals perceive time and what it says about them. Time perception The individual’s attitude to time differs because, the perception to time, though different, confers on every individual some qualities or characteristics. The way an individual … Continue reading your time.

what’s your TIME?

TIME. The ever existing entity and concept that controls our lives and existence. The concept that helps remembering and forgetting. The one that stretches endlessly across aeons of existence. The glutton that eats us all. Time.  How do YOU relate to time? Do you know what your relations to time say about you? How do … Continue reading what’s your TIME?