20 steps to new YOU

When I started these series of posts on the self journey, I used the first set of posts to explore the question of an individual finding himself. There were discussions on the processes involved in being the YOU in YOU. It was after these posts that I started discussing the steps below one after the … Continue reading 20 steps to new YOU


are YOU the YOU in YOU?

Being your true self is herculean. There are many factors that will be against your achieving this. Pressure from many points like family, culture, community, friends etc. will try to hinder your true self coming out, but it behooves on you to overcome all these barriers in order to be yourself. The discussion of the … Continue reading are YOU the YOU in YOU?

self discovery JOURNEY.

LIFE. Life is about steps. steps stretched between birth and death. The death that starts from the first day of birth and ends in the last step to beyond. As YOU take those steps taking you to the end, you may not really understand yourself unless YOU take that first step to your inner being. … Continue reading self discovery JOURNEY.


how do you walk?  “What flaw could you possibly find in his appearance?" "His posture," Hannah muttered. "What about it?" "He slouches." -Lisa Kleypas, A Wallflower Christmas “Our nonverbal behaviour (including posture) gives away our inner personality and reflects our inner attitude.” ― Cindy Ann Peterson, My Style, My Way: Top Experts Reveal How to … Continue reading walking.