LIFE. Life is about steps. steps stretched between birth and death. The death that starts from the first day of birth and ends in the last step to beyond. As YOU take those steps taking you to the end, you may not really understand yourself unless YOU take that first step to your inner being. That itself is in STEPS too.

The steps  to take in your JOURNEY and DIALOGUE within takes the following steps:

  1. Think of idea/s about yourself
  2. Plan or arrange the ideas
  3. Ferment the ideas or thoughts
  4. Organize the ideas
  5. Package the ideas

In each of the steps itemized above, YOU must take the following actions:

  • thinking   YOU  must think critically and in-depth about yourself. To do this effectively you need to answer the WH – questions that is WHO, WHEN, WHY, WHERE, WHAT AND HOW?  

    WHO are YOU?  – What kind of person are you? What motivates you? What are your likes and dislikes? Why do you have those likes? Why are you with those dislikes? What is your favourite colour? What of the colour you won’t ever be found in? What about your food? What patterns are prevalent in your life? Why those patterns? What  of your thoughts? Why do you have those thoughts? What type of people do you attract to yourself? Why?

    WHY are YOU here? – What is your purpose on earth? Why do you have such purpose? What are the qualities inherent in you to achieve that purpose? Who are your helpers in this journey of achieving your purpose? Why are you working with them or are you not working with them?

WHERE are YOU? -What point are YOU in your life journey? Where are YOU heading                   to?  Why are you walking in that direction? Will this journey take you to your life                    destination? Which location is the best for you to achieve your life aims? Which                      place  are you comfortable in? Which city or location enhances your living, your life                objectives and your physical being?

WHAT? -What steps do you need to take that will help you achieve your  ambition                   and   life purpose? What are you doing that are hindering your progress on this                          life’s  journey?  What do you need to do in order to maximise all the                                              advantages that life is  giving you? What do you need to jettison on this your life                       journey? What must you  pick up that will help you in this journey- habits, actions,               thoughts etc.? What is the state of your health? What are you doing or not doing                     that will affect this state of  health?

HOW? -How will YOU go about this journey? How will you map your pathway to self                  actualisation? How will you execute your plans in order to achieve your life                                 purpose?  How related or unrelated are YOUR actions when looked at now from the                 prism of   your life’s purpose?

A critical questioning of yourself in a location that allows introspection will bring                   out of YOU the ideas and thoughts you will never expect. In addition the dialogue                   with your inner being and self may bring out some unpalatable facts about yourself.                It takes courage for you to take this deep inner journey because:

          “The inner self of every human waits patiently until we are ready to discover it;                    then  it extends an invitation to enter the luminous mystery of existence in                         which all  things are created, nurtured, and renewed. In the presence of this                        mystery, we not  only heal ourselves, we heal the world.”Deepak Chopra

After this first step towards self evaluation, self reflection and critical assessment                   what next do you need to do?


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