create time to listen to yourself and your God

To evolve a positive self-concept, the individual needs to realize his position in the scheme of things and understand himself. In order to understand any object or person, there is the need to study the object or person. In order for man to understand himself there is the need to study himself, and realize what talents he possesses. This involves being able to listen to himself rather than filling his life with activities and actions. The individual needs to create quiet time for himself where he listens to his thoughts, thinks on his actions and criticizes whatever he does. The period of listening can be very early in the morning when he wakes up. At this special period, the individual creates a space inside himself and disassociate, that is, he removes himself from his actions in order to assess critically what he has been doing, has done or intends to do. After this he must sit still for some time and listen to the small still voice within him as it talks to him. He must have internal communication within himself.

In addition to this, the individual must spend time with his Creator. He must pray in any way he knows, meditate and try to listen to what God wants from him. This is necessary because God is the creator of all things. He is omnipresent, omniscient, powerful and all encompassing. God is the only one who knows whatever any man will become because he created every individual. He knows the ability and capacity he gave to each one. So in order to use one’s abilities, there is the need for one to listen to one’s creator and seek guidance. Listening to God involves the ability to cease unending pleadings, supplications and prayers at some time in the day or night and just be silent in order to hear the voice of God. When one listens to God, one gets a sense of direction. In addition, one is able to stand firm in the midst of trouble and storms of life. The support one knows he will get from the creator and direction from him will always serve as one’s shock absorber in time of trouble. This belief and faith makes one to be a good communicator and a good example to others. In addition one’s relationship is always boosted because others will always look upon him as a pillar in the midst of trouble.

 believe in your creator and accept your helplessness

The individual’s self concept is not developed wholly by himself. A positive self-picture, self-esteem and self-ideal are the reward and contributions of God the Creator. The individual must believe in his Creator. He must realize that he is like clay in the hand of the potter. The clay is helpless in the hand of the potter. The potter can decide on what he wants to turn the clay into. The pot cannot dictate or tell the potter the shape he wants to have. In addition, the way and manner in which the individual’s self is developed depends on the grace given him by the Creator.

Man is also helpless. He does not know when he came into the world, the time he will leave the world, and cannot predict all that will happened to him and when they will happened. The individual whose intention is to develop a positive self-concept must first of all believe that his Creator knows more than him. He must accept his helplessness and that without his Creator he is nothing and he can do nothing. This makes him God fearing. This quality in turn will affect his day-to-day living and behaviour. The God-fearing aspect of him will also affect his image and personality. His relationship with other people will be better developed because they will trust him and also believe him. This gives him better relationships, and feelings with people. It will also affect what he thinks, say or do. The belief in his creator will affect his communication skills because the way he thinks, acts or speaks will necessarily affect the relationships he will be involved in and how he writes and speaks. It will also affect his language use. The act of believing, gives him strength to weather any tribulation or problem that he may go through. It will also help him to understand the working of creation, his position within the creation and his relationship with other creatures of God. This will in turn makes him happy and free, thereby, building his self-concept.






3 thoughts on “did YOU just appear here?

  1. Sir good evening.I read through all your articles.They awoke all your lectures and directorial concept in my subconcious mind.I was honoured by God to be one of your pioneer student in the Department of Theatre Arts(1998-2001)I still have my script of WHO’S AFRAID OF SOLARIN? As handed down to me in 2001.I used to have my first script the one you gave me in 1999 “THE OPPORTUNITY” in which I acted Johnson.Those moment would remain ever green in my memory.I am yet to make you proud;it’ll come soon ,that is if it is not yet here.There is a lecture you delivered sometime around 2003 or 2004 titled “MAN KNOW THYSELF” ,I believe it’ll help a lot of people if re-edited and published in book form.All the I live this blog.I would recomend this blog to friends .


    1. Thanks Koose. It is students like you that make us continue teaching. I am proud of you and know you have been making me proud. I am happy with what I hear about you. Stay in there, the sky is not the limit.


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