apartmentPas & Mrs Michael’s apartment was looking quite spick-and-span. The maid they just got, resumed work two days ago and woke up before anyone else to tidy up the house.

As the alarm rang, Pas. Michael woke up, but Mrs Michael seems reluctant to get up. “Mine! Good morning,” he greeted and she smiled back and stretched. “Tell me it’s not 5:00am yet,” she said. “You wish,” he answered as he brought the table clock close to her and showed her the time.

“Seriously, the night was really short,” she said. “Really, come on, get up!” He responded. She sat up and they joined hands to pray together. They studied the scriptures and had a revivifying encounter in God’s presence.

“Love, what are we eating this morning? Your husband is really hungry,” said Pas. Michael. “What does my husband feel like eating?” She asked. “If there is plantain…

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